Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute
The next training was held within the
10-03-2022 12:00

The next online training was held within the pilot project "Nutrition guide for school-child". This is the fourth training organized by the Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute (AFSI) with the support of UNICEF and the Ministry of Education.

This time, the training taught by AFSI specialists was dedicated to "Personal Hygiene Rules - COVID-19 and nutrition". The training provided detailed information on personal hygiene standards for kitchen workers, as well as daily hygienic needs, cultural and hygienic habits that serve to protect and promote health, and explained in detail the risks that may arise for the body if these rules are not followed. In addition, the project participants were provided with guidelines on the prevention of Coronavirus during transportation, reception, storage and sale of food in preschools.

It should be noted that 30 people are participating in the initial stage of the pilot project for the participants of the “Friends of School Children” project. At the end of the trainings will be held among the participants, and those who successfully complete this exam will be awarded the badge " Nutrition guides for school-child". Thanks to this badge, these individuals will exercise public control over the operation of cafeterias in the schools where they operate, as well as the parties' compliance with food safety and sanitary regulations.     

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